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Bolsover Entertainment Contest

Every October bands from around the area descend on the small village of Clowne, near Bolsover. They are given 20 minutes and certain stipulations to create a lively and entertaining faux-concert program.

2012 was Hucknall’s year. They opened their set with the famous march Simoraine written by Clive Barraclough and dedicated to his two children: Simon and Lorraine. A challenging piece for any band to open with but Hucknall did it with style. Next up was their solo feature, this featured their Solo cornet player at the time, Ben Armstrong who’s spanking rendition of Rimmer’s Carnival of Venice landed him with the soloist prize for the 3rd section.

A change of style was in order and nothing says that better than the sweet and longing melody of A Little Prayer by Evelyn Glennie. Opening with a small ensemble of players before opening up into an epic, flowing melody this piece tests a bands quiet playing and tuning. Once again, it was time for a change and nothing could be more far removed than the last piece than Sparkling Diamonds. This piece, taken from the film Moulin Rouge is a high-octane version of the classic song Diamonds are a Girls’ Best Friend. Showing off some flashy playing from the whole band, this piece really hits the audience with full force.

To finish off this lively set it seemed fitting to finish with a classic from the brass banding world. Variations on Laudate Dominum by Edward Gregson sets the famous hymn tune and takes it through many different worlds. The band this time decided to just play the finale from it. This opens with a beautiful Euphonium Solo (played by the band’s Principal Euphonium: Jon Clare) before powering to the end with a fast paced 3/4 toboggan run of notes and rich chords.

Although a little tired from the challenging program, the band powered through to the very end and walked away, very happy, with a 1st place trophy in their pocket.

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